photos by cheryl kelly
above photos taken 8 - 22 - 05 at local 506, chapel hill north carolina
above photos taken august 2004 at cat's cradle, carrboro north carolina
THROW RAG, THE GHOST OF ROCK, KUNG FLUDE / Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC / 8-04
I'll start by saying, I'm sorry if you missed this show! Really, I'm sorry you missed it because it was one of the few deserving
your attention.  It was a Tuesday night at the Cradle with Chapel Hillians, Kung Flude and The Ghost Of Rock opening for
California rockers THROW RAG.  These guys live on the road, traveling from coast to coast shaking up clubs along the way and
on this Tuesday, I was definately shook.  The first note spat at me, primal rock-n-roll, punk-rock raw and clear reminding me of
The Misfits, Sex Pistols, Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys and some riffs tinged with a surfabilly sound reminiscent of Link Ray
or Dick Dale .  The strong, smart and well placed, and well played, guitar riffs along with Franco's solid bass, the steady, hard
drum beat and the Johnny Rotten crossed with Jello Biafra vocals of Captain Sean Doe made me stomp my high heels hard and
drink my cheap beer even harder.  "Space Hump Me" (take me, take me, erase my memory - I want to be your abductee), "Rule
Maker" and "Hang Up" are just a few of the stand out songs which are on their cd "Desert Shores" out on BYO Records.  The
addition of the band's backing vocals on "Bag of Glue" yelling "I'm Stuck" or "Say What?" at the appropriate spots calculated for a
great audience participation number.  Speaking of audience involvement, Jacko, the washboard player, invited one lucky show goer
onstage to strum the washboard and play with the guys.  This was not a show where anyone was looking for the exits! A live act
full of raunch, appeal and excitment as well as fine musicianship.  So, THANKS to Captain Sean Doe, King Taco Pearl, Jacko,
Chango Von Streicher, Franco Fontana and Dino for one hell of a rocker!  Go see these guys of the Salton Sea when they come
through your town.  (and, great job on the cd graphics taco!) - Jenn Love