sick boy
  saw your nipple pierced
  wanted to suck it
  Mr. Cool was pretty fierce
  wanted to fuck it
  didn't see much behind your tattoo
  that's ok dude,
  just wanted to fuck you
  blasting Black sabbath
  from your redneck car
  oh, right, you're from LA &
  you've come this far?
  punk Pink Floyd baby
  into NO FX
  then you tell me
  go get a VD test
  thought there was something
  once called it essence
  then I think you're stuck
  in perpetual adolescence
  so go start a fight
  with some skinhead acquaintenance
  just stay outta my life
  god, stay outta my pants
  don't show up bloody fisted
  at 3 in the morn
  forget you existed
  forget you were born
  that's it.