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"THE GHOST OF ROCK are punk rock just the way I like it -- old, crabby, and still fully capable of kicking the ass of just about
any other band they share a stage with.  If they don't always do so, it's out of pity, not lack of
ability"                                                 -Ross Grady / Triangle Rock
If rock is dead, its ghost is pounding the hell out of the coffin.  The Ghost Of Rock, the four-man Triangle rock 'n' roll assault
team is alive and kicking, rampaging through a fuzzed-out, sticks-through-the-skins, straight-no-chaser revelry that few bands can
challenge.  Expect high energy channeled through antique amplifiers crammed inside of a garage, as on "Lion Tamer," the standout
explosion from the band's debut - a wild, unabashed and unrestrained take on the art of spine-tingling hair raising.
          -Grayson Currin / Indy Weekly
Another week, another record release.  This time it's by local garage enthusiasts The Ghost Of the British Soldier Who Loved to
Rock, known simply as The Ghost Of Rock.  Made up of members of early '80s punkabilly fixtures The Bad Checks and their '90s
kin Pipe, Ghost of Rock reunites guitarist
Clifton Lee Mann with Pipe howler Ron Liberti.  Liberti's vocals sound like he gargles
with motor oil and fit perfectly within the band's gritty, high-octane guitar crunch.  One of the hardest rocking live bands in the
area, the band's self-titled debut on Mann's label Demonbeach Records captures the passion and energy of their performances.  
Fans of early punk or those looking for something with a bit more punch than Jack White are directed to the Ghost's Stooges
meets the Dead Boys roar.
          -Chris Parker / Durham Herald-Sun
chapel hill, nc
TGOR art by john flude
don't make us turn to a life of crime, get your copy today at TGOR's shows or
here online!
cd art by ron liberti
This is a CD-release party for The Ghost Of Rock, whose debut full-length is an accurate (and admirable) document of their
straight-ahead Rock-Forbes-floor-tom-fueled grouchy grouchy garage-punk.  Only way it could be better would be if it included a
Ron Liberti paper-doll that danced and sneered via the attachment of a simple household paperclip in exatly the right place.
         -Ross Grady / Triangle Rock
This bitch is breathing pretty damned heavy and sweating mighty profusely for an
alleged ghost.  In fact, this common euphemism for fecal matter, rawks.  In the
immortal words of Colin Clive, "It's alive, It's alive".  If there is, in fact, a ghost in the
house; it's the spirit of the Stooges haunting the deep recesses and oozing up through the
floorboards of the dank greasy garage this initial sonic outburst from these local boys
crawled from.  There are nods and winks going out to the Dead Boys, the Who, the
Ramones, and even the Foo Fighters.

Actually, it is a bit unfair to even mention that these guys are local because they belong
to all who run with the great Olympic torch of uncompromising, lust for life, boot up
your lazy ass, PBR swilling rock'n'roll. But, they ARE local and of that, Raleigh, NC can
be proud.

This band is driven hard by a relentless rampage of razor-edged riffing from Clifton Lee
"the ookmeister" Mann's Klingon disruptor guitar.  The head off chicken screaming of
Ron "we mean it man" Liberti provides a raging vocal assault that knows no peer for it's
combined power and melodic subtlety.  Enough cannot be said for the big fat bottom
Rock "Action" Forbes delivers from behind the drum kit.   Bassmates Jeff Clarke and
Lee Waters add thumpety-thump to the thud.

A few of these 15 tracks are just a blur of raw power, but there are some really
distinctive tunes here as well; All I Ever, Spivey's Corner, Garages of America, Rules of
the Truth, Rummy.  But, it's the anthemic Avoid Disconnect that is the most obvious
breakout hook, heavy rotation, top of the pops hit.  Like Dr. Frankenstein before them,
TGOR shocks new life into rock's rotting cadaver.
If rock is dead, long live it's ghost.
-Ron Taylor / Modern World / the Village Idiot
the ghost of rock, one of the
twelve bands NOT to miss!   
-indy weekly
Here's some gritty punk rock 'n' roll.  The effects on the vocals and guitar sounds give these guys a sound somewhere between
earlier Replacements and Hickey....a solid cd.
          -HM / Maximum Rocknroll Magazine
"THE GHOST OF ROCK pummeled all rock 'n' roll bands in the Triangle this year with its self-titled testosterone injection, an
auditory assault on the body that takes it to the old school with the reckless abandon of a no-brakes tractor trailer barreling down
an on-ramp at 80"                                             - grayson currin / indy weekly
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