Butch Modern's Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame
J D Goat
Butch makes his bid for the hall

Thecriteria for becoming an member of the hall is that the artist must have been very influential or be so
incredible in and of themselves that it would be an injustice not to include them. The members are based
on my taste and my taste alone, except that I have added certain jazz players whose influence on rock and
roll cannot be dismissed, for my friend:
Malcolm Riviera. You may have ideas of your own and I would like
for you to submit your choices for the shrine. I'm sure I have forgotten a few deserving artiste. I reserve
the right to ignore your suggestion but each one will be considered. I would also like to get your thoughts
on the links. If you know of a better site for any of these artists please submit it for consideration. I will
also be depending on you to let me know about any dead links. I hope that you will search out each of
these great artists and experience their music. All have had an indelible impression on me and my
appreciation of music.
In addition to the bands here enshrined I would like to give special thanks to many of the "garage" bands
and obscure one-hit-wonders which were so influential to my definition of rock'n'roll. I will not be able to
name them all but here is a sampling: the
Seeds, Music Explosion, Sonics, Music Machine, Chartbusters,
Gentrys, Swinging Medallions, Clear Light, Nightcrawlers, Premiers,
Strangeloves, Sam the Sham, Sir
Douglas Quintet, Count Five,
? and the Mysterians, the Remains, HP Lovecraft and on and on and on. A
special place in my heart is filled by Buzz Clifford whose classic "Baby Sittin' Boogie" is the first song I
remember that really "moved" me. And then there was Hank Snow's "The Golden Rocket"....  For more info
on the truly obscure see Jeff Jarema's
Sundazed Records etc...
in loving memory...
darby crash 1958-1980
Johnny Ramone 1948-2004
Dee Dee Ramone 1952-2002
Joey Ramone 1952-2001
Creedence Clearwater