Carrboro, NC
"Get Correct" recorded by Nick Peterson
@ Track & Field Recording Studios
Mastered at The Kitchen by Brent
CD ALLEY, chapel hill, NC
raleigh, NC!
Started up by two guys, this eventual quartet has cemented a sound rife with
historical connections but uniquely customized into that "Fake Swedish Sound."  
These fellows draw on their inspirations but instead of simply paying tribute,
they've honored the legends by kicking it up a notch.

Their sound has clarity of vision and a musical structure that is found only in
artists who put time, energy, sweat and blood into their creations.  The listener
can tell that the members of Fake Swedish craft their ensemble into a tight unit.
Don't let this amazing talent go unnoticed.

-IndieFocus Exclusive / 2004
"working a 60s UK mod/psych thing...we're talking about Rock Music that
remembers a time before the fateful pop/rock schism."

-Ross Grady / Chapel Hill Music Scene
poster by Ron Liberti
from The Independent: Breaking Records by Chris Parker

Joe Romeo doesn't sport mutton chops or bell-bottoms; he saves such telltale
'60s throwbacks for his band Fake Swedish
. The crisp, R & B bounce says Brit
Invasion like those classic suits worn by the Beatles and Kinks
, while the
riffs-slathered in distortion-shimmy like a vertiginous hippy on acid before
returning to the sonic fold.
Asked for '60s influences, Romeo cites, "Love, The Yardbirds.  I'm definately
more in the psychedelic.  I dig Pretty Things and the Nuggets set, but I like some
of the more freaked out stuff like Can and Soft Machine, as well.
"But the nature of everything I do is in light of my undying love of the Beatles,"
Romeo confesses.  "I write the Beatles middle 8, I have the generic two-part
thing and delve into the harmony middle 8 section.  It comes mainly from the
Beatles, though I do love the Hollies as well."
Though the band has been together for two years, the friendship of Romeo and
fellow guitarist Eric Haugen goes back to high school, when he met Haugen on
a train from New Jersey into NYC for an
Archers of Loaf / Pipe show at the
legendary Tramps.  Though they initially connected on their love of indie rock,
they soon discovered their shared interest in '60s music "and
Guided By Voices,
which is the bridge between the two."
It's fitting, then, that Fake Swedish
's big break came opening for GBV on their
farewell tour this fall.
"It's been the pinnacle of our short career.  That was the first time anyone took
us seriously in town, because we got to play to 200 of them at once," Romeo
reports.  "I got wasted with (Robert) Pollard before the show.  He said, 'You need
to be more drunk' and kept feeding me beers.  I asked, 'When is enough?' He
said, 'When you puke.' I said, 'I'll puke after the show,' and he said, ' You
need to
puke before or during the show.'"
The band is celebrating the release of their debut LP,
Get Correct, on
Demonbeach Records this week.  
White on Navy & Gold on Navy.

"we are a band that focuses mostly on songs, but we are also not afraid to
dive head-first into pyschedelic improv jams.  we enjoy flying by the seat of
our pants onstage, and we tend to draw comparisons to late 60's
psychedelic rock.  that's ok with us."
-from indy music guide vol. II
"There's no need to truck off to Montreal or Athens when we've got bands as good as Fake Swedish right here at home.  "Get Correct"
(Demonbeach Records), the Carrboro band's new album, is garage rock of the sort you've heard many times over the years (although
Steppenwolf's John Kay, the primal vocal model for Fake Swedish singer Joe Romeo, ain't exactly the most common influence
nowadays).  But Fake Swedish does it with enough style, flair and freshness to raise itself well above the pack.    
-David Menconi on the best rock and more / News & Observer
from The Independent Weekly: Homebrew by Grayson Currin

"For a second, imagine that Fake Swedish's debut
Get Correct is a certifiable
psychedelic session lost in an attic since the '70s, recorded in a garage to
reel-to-reel by four fellows now sporting beer bellies, gray 'staches and
nametags at 9-5s that remind them of the good ol' days of loud amps, hard
hallucinogenics and cheap beer.  Then picture the band itself - vocalist Joe
Romeo and guitarist Eric Haugen with the rhythm section of Ashley Hayes and
Dave Perry setting a charge in the background - as those young guys, working
service jobs and trying to make it. Now, picture in mind, actually listen to Fake
Swedish.  Not much difference, eh?
Get Correct is its own Nuggets box,
showcasing an eclectic, wide-open approach to inborn guitar fuzz and swelling,
surrounding and subsuming howls, bathed in the effrontery of Romeo's
dead-on songwriting.  "Pilgrims" takes a sick, twisted Meat Puppets
country-death groove down swirling 13th Floor Elevators, spiraling into a
demon-ridden guitar convulsion and falling gently to a
south-of-the-border-tinged take on Jacques Brel's "Jacky."  The title track moans
like a busted pride Jack White, floating through sublime guitar howls and expert
pitter-and-pause percussion, but the chug-along, thrash about "Beef Trigger"
connects the parts hook, line and sinker here.  Romeo's boppy chants come
backed with drinkin'-buddy choruses, call-and-response banter and one
exorcising howl, setting the stage for a mammoth solo - doubled in sparring
style by Haugen - by Romeo.  
Get Correct."
MAY 2005