popskull productions presents:
butch's (oh so!) modern world
This is issue #8 of Modern World Magazine. What happened to issues 1-6 you're probably asking yourself
right now? Well, it's like this; they were published in small numbers about 25 years ago in the print media,
precisely commercial xerox.
#7 was published here. I am working to get the archival issues online. Issue #1 is completed. Issue #2 is
complete but very slow loading. Still under construction.
The purpose, then and now, is to provide a space for my ramblings and opinions about any subject of interest to
me. The original focus was on the budding "punk scene", & local North Carolina bands doing something
interesting and national bands playing in the area.
Issue #7 was right here sitting stagnant and broken for the last 2-3 years. I must thank webmaster rob for the
patience he has shown me re: updating this thing.
I enjoy listening to music. One of the functions of this page is to inform you of bands I find worthy. I spend a lot
of time seeking out pop and rock bands and from time to time I find some hot rocking groups. I find a lot of
awful stuff too but we won't discuss that further. I will be doing live, CD and demo reviews, new ones each
update, which I hope will be monthly; just like a real magazine. ***hahaha I really believed this when I wrote it
but you know how that goes. hahaha*** I also like to get the digicam out and shoot some rock'n'roll pix which
you can find on the
pictures page. Now that it is three years later we can all forget about that monthly stuff but I
will try not to wait a full three years next time. *grin*
I hope you will give me your input at bmodern@demonbeach.com
I am also an unemployed tunesmith, songwriter, poet, designer and six string precussionist if you're looking for
a "sound" investment. Send cash in small bills to Popskull Productions today. Write for mailing address. All
contributions gladly accepted.
This is the modern world, we don't need no one
To tell us what's right or wrong -
Paul Weller
cover shots from the original xerox version
things to do, places to go, people to see