THE SPINNS: chapel hill, nc
todd colberg, rob walsh, josh johnson
great, stompin' garage rock w/ a 60's surfy feel.
"having fun and playing music, it's the only thing we care about." - from indy weekly music guide
DRAGSTRIP SYNDICATE: raleigh, nc/richmond va
7" featuring "action" and "bad situation amplifier".
loud, in your face '70s rock 'n' roll.  add this to your collection now!    
TRANSPORTATION: chapel hill, nc
stevie, robbie , ben
"these guys get their fire from 'anyone who writes great songs and plays them with alot of soulful energy'" - indy weekly
7" with "stormbringer", "distance" and "lady moon" is a worthy addition to your music collection.  the very talented trio also appears on the
2005 compilation of NC bands,
"heard together", performing, "baby, you're so young".
THE BAD CHECKS: raleigh, nc
robin mann, clifton mann, hunter landen, rock forbes
pioneers in psycho-punk-a-billy
"like a time warp, like that one leftover beer hiding in the back of your fridge that's probably a few years old but somehow magically tastes
as good, it's the BAD CHECKS, mysteriously just as boozy and sloppy and mildly offensive as they were the first time around, back in the
mid-80s."  (triangle rock)
PROOF: raleigh, nc
three piece featuring mike salmon, greg eyman, and john walker.  lots of instrumental numbers
that are thoughtful, energetic and rocking.  "south america" is featured on
demonbeach presents 12".
THE LONERS: raleigh, nc
eddie taylor and chris jones, the 2 man band doing old school garage rock.
they have 2 songs on the
demonbeach presents 12" and now you can buy their full-length cd (released on mouth full of bees label) from
our catalog too.

BUTCHWAX:  raleigh, nc
ron taylor, michael dupree, richard martin, mike burnette, molly winner
"formed originally in 1979 after Ron Taylor, a rockabilly fan who had always wanted to be a rock star, heard the Ramones' first album.  
Taylor had long been an editor of the local punk zine,
Modern World and wrote under the name Butch Modern.  He got together with a
group of friends who were also into Th' Cigaretz and began practicing in a friend's bedroom....the group settled on a line-up: Ron Taylor
sang and wrote songs, Michael DuPree on guitar, Richard Martin on bass, Mike Burnette on drums, and completing the group, Molly
Winner who sang when studies permitted." (karen mann/independent weekly)
  more info
THE GHOST OF ROCK: chapel hill, nc
ron liberti and clif mann from PIPE, along with jeff clarke and rock "action" forbes.
one of the best bands around and one not to be missed live.
new cd out now!
DADDY: raleigh, nc
"my first encounter with scott williams came in the form of a letter.  'dear greg', it read.  'there is so much going on in (raleigh) with bands
kicking ass and packing clubs but it goes unnoticed'.  the letter went on to list a roster of local rock bands.....
a few weeks later, i pick up drummer brian walsby (williams' counterpart and nemesis in Daddy), and he escorts me to the band's practice
space - in a nondescript building on capital boulevard - for an interview, where he gives me the lowdown on the band's brief history.  'it was
a combination of three people coming together: me, (guitarist/singer) scott and our old guitarist sean livingstone, explains walsby.  he
goes on to tell the meager beginnings of Daddy, from the recruitment of bassist phil martelli to the departure of livingstone and his
girlfriend erica - who was the band's original singer.  greg elkins was enlisted to replace livingstone while williams, 'in a fit of disgust'
muses walsby, finally decided that he could handle the vocal chores.
after finishing a cigarette, williams and martelli arrive and the interview commences......
Daddy's sound has been described as many things by many people, but williams is adamant in making a few distinctions about his band.  
'we don't sound like black flag-meets-voivod.  that's what brian likes to think.'
'i was thinking of a few drum parts,' says walsby in reference to his own style of playing.
'we sound like a headache and a lawnmower,' retorts williams.
'our old guitar player said we play all the cool guitar riffs people would like to play but are too scared too,' muses walsby.
what i think Daddy sounds like is a cross between some old school hardcore acts like die kruezen, the necros and black flag with mid-'80s
thrash metal like defiance, voivod adn sepultura.
and i'm quite sure that scott williams will disagree with me on that, but the letter i sent him now hangs proudly on the wall of Daddy's
practice space.  i guess we must see eye-to-eye on something."
                                                                                         (greg barbera / independent weekly)
ADULT FILM MAKERS: raleigh, nc         
rock forbes, clif mann, vee vicini, matt tarpley
sounds like vintage detroit garage w/ many facets of rock and roll .
THE CLIFMEN: raleigh, nc supergroup
doug macmillan, clif mann, bo taylor, brooks carter
THE CHROME-PLATED APOSTLES: efland, durham, raleigh, greensboro, nc
hunter landen, clif mann, dave "vespah" perry, greg adams, chris jones, rock forbes
very revved-up, down-home, blusey rock with a punk edge.  brand new cd "twelve bars" out now!
DEXTER ROMWEBER DUO: chapel hill, nc
dexter of the undone flat duo jets, still rocking and reminding us why we love dragging ourselves to shows, drinking beer, havin fun and
loving music.  lots influences from the original rock masters, still doing it right.  dex has 2 songs on the
demonbeach presents 12" and
graces a side on
"ten bad studs - a 12" split" with west coast's punk rockers throw rag.
raleigh, nc
THROW RAG: salton seas, ca
west coast bad boys do one of the best live show i've ever seen.  they are on our 12" split with east coast's dexter romweber duo, ten bad
studs.  check out their site for more very rockin' merch and info.
FAKE SWEDISH: chapel hill, nc
featuring joe romeo, eric haugen, ashley hayes, rock forbes and dave perry.
new cd, "get correct" out NOW!
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J. LOVE & THE JANITORS, raleigh, nc
jennifer love, clifton mann, rock forbes, jerry kee
old school country with a bit of a rock edge.