there's one more thing I've got
the Pinkslips, daddy
Having been on the perrifery of the local music scene for years, essentially since the Cigaretz now infamous Thursday night stands at the
Free Advice on Hillsborough Street,I try to keep up with what rocks at the local troughs and watering holes. I recently picked up the August
20-26 issue of
The Independent at Char-Grill to check out Sounds Local with that purpose in mind. Somewhere hidden among the myriad
of pop rockin' be-boppin', razz-a-ma-tazzin' & hip hoppin' groups I spotted an all girl trio, the Pinkslips. My interest was piqued so I kept my
beady bug eyes glued to telephone poles and newsprint rags and soon enough found they would invade that tin and concrete shack at
I got there shortly after 8 pm, spoke to Helen, a friend from work, only to find that the rock had already rolled. The deal was done. The band
was still in the house though, or actually on the porch, so I snapped a digipic of Leigh with her tongue hanging out, got a pink slip from
Elizabeth and expressed my disappointment at missing their set. After a few days of checking the schedule on their website I saw that they
would be opening up for the Cartridge Family at
Bickett Gallery 9-6-03 as part of the 23 Hours art-o-rama.
I should've known better but had been told that the music begins at 8 pm so I arrived right on time, two hours early. The fact that there was
only a single vehicle in the parking lot should have provided a case breaking clue but then I had been curious about the gallery anyway so
my son and I strolled on in and were nicely greeted by Molly.
The wall to the left had an installation of gig flyers and fanzine covers from the late 70's & early 80's (Cigaretz, COC, Crucial Truth, Bad
Brains, Southern Lifestyle, Blind Boys Gazette etc.) and right away my son spotted the Butchwax at the Purple Horse flyer I had designed. I
am always amazed to find that arty-facts from those bygone days are still being hoarded. It was fun looking at the posters and trying to
remember which of those shows I had attended. There were a few, does anybody remember the Tanqueray Lounge???
A lot of the art at the gallery has a musical slant; the Loners were prominently represented. I won't try to describe all of the art, but you will
see the onion head monster, portraits in oil, dioramas, photographs, so there is a lot to see.
The bands started to bring in equipment, get set up, Molly finally found her proxy bartender. Aaron and I grabbed the rose pink love seat off
stage right and prepared for the evening's entertainment.
Finally, a little after 10pm, the Pinkslips took the stage. Well, actually, there is no stage but you get the idea. When they burst open with the
Kim Fowley/Joan Jett penned "Cherry Bomb"from The Runaways classic first LP, I was sold down the river with no hope in sight. I couldn't
help myself, I just
had to sing along.
Leigh Fox and Beth Mosher trade off on bass and guitar with Elizabeth Hammond, more than ably handling the beat. They have several
excellent original tunes; samples can be heard at Duck on Bike and Titles from the setlist included
Angry, Crush, Born
2 B Bad, Snmnmnm, Hey Hey, Rock Stars, Shiver.
Fox introduced one tune by saying "This one's about dating, all my songs are about
dating". Switching instruments does provide some versatility but I thought they were more raw, more garage-ish (that's good!), tougher,
more alive and powerful with Beth plunking the gold Rickenbacher's fat strings and Fox on the Gibson sonic reducer.
With a little better than one year under their belts, or their cat-eyed glasses, they have accomplished much but they are still reaching for
their full potential. Pinkslips are cool and peppy but not yet all out. Leigh, Beth and Elizabeth are still just a shade too careful, still scaling
that plateau of comfortable abandon, not balls out but not at all prissy either. I am trying hard not just gush but the fact is, I haven't been
this excited about a young local band in awhile. They will just get better and better. These girls rock the house and will most likely rock
your world. That's all you really need to know, right?
UPDATE: the band known as the pinkslips have broken up but the following article is still a good one by local writer ron taylor.